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Bull Session

Designing Enterprise UX

December 18, 2014          

Episode Summary

With the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement and consumer software upending the traditional enterprise environment, it’s no surprise the enterprise user experience is becoming a hot topic for companies looking for increased productivity and a competitive advantage in their respective industries. But the user expectations generated by consumer software, the myriad of devices, and the intricacies of enterprise requirements, create a complex UX problem set that’s not so easy to crack. In this episode of The Digital Life, we explore some of the issues that enterprise UX bring to the fore, consider the future landscape as software “eats the world”, and discuss the skills that UX designers will need to tackle these challenges.

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Apple, Google, and the State of mHealth

June 30, 2014          

Episode Summary

In a perfect world our health information provider would be a non-profit that worked with every technology provider, creating a single open platform that was easy and available to all. In reality, health is becoming the battleground of the mega-corporations with two of the most important technology companies, Apple and Google, right at the center of it. Join us, in this episode of The Digital Life, as we discuss the state of mHealth, and the implications of the recent forays of Apple and Google into that complex software space.

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