The Digital Life is a show about our adventures in the world of design and technology. We explore topics and happenings of broad interest across the many fields that are essential to living and working in the digital world. The show brings together interesting and well-known guests with a critical editorial style that pushes and probes at the real meaning of and goings-on behind-the-scenes. We strive to provoke and enlighten, and welcome your criticism and suggestions.

The Digital Life is the product of GoInvo, an app design agency chosen to help the top tech companies in the world, including Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Shutterfly, PayPal, McAfee, Yahoo and over 150 others.

Jonathan Follett, Co-Host/ProducerJon-Follett-Involution-Catalyst

The Digital Life is made possible by Jon’s many patient hours pulling each show together in his editing suite. A principal of GoInvo, Jon enjoys equal parts working on the business and design side of things, previously owning his own, successful design studio. Jon is a published author who recently completed a new manuscript. His passion is making and enjoying music.
Dirk Knemeyer, Co-Host/ProducerDirk-Knemeyer-Involution-Founder

Dirk is Jon’s partner in crime on The Digital Life, providing editorial leadership. He is a founder of GoInvo and profoundly interested in the impact digital technology has on the human condition.
Personal website: dirk.knemeyer.com

Juhan Sonin, Minister of Agit + PropJuhan-Sonin-Creative-Director

Juhan is a frequent, often volatile, guest on The Digital Life and hosts a popular segment: Design With Juhan. The Creative Director of GoInvo, Juhan is passionate about design and engineering and is a Lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His collection of design books numbers in the thousands.
Erik Dahl, Former Co-Host/Producererik-dahl-involution-director

Erik has enjoyed proven success as a researcher and designer. A recognized community leader with Columbus IxDA and a founder and organizer of the MidwestUX conference, Erik passes easily between thought leadership and project excellence. He has worked with dozens of clients in diverse industries, including Target, Bayer and Panasonic. As Co-Host Erik brings his experience to The Digital Life.
Reshma Mehta, Web + Technical Tsar

Eric Benoit, Technical Tsar