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Digital and UX News: Kano, Windows 10, and Digital NYC

October 16, 2014          

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Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life we discuss some of the latest tech and UX news including: the Kano computer kit for kids, which encourages a childhood interest in engineering ; the unveiling of Windows 10 and what it means for the “universal” user experience; and the launch of as a focal point for the Silicon Alley start-ups and venture capital firms of New York City.

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Jon Follett

Dirk Knemeyer

5 Questions

Interaction13 Redux with Suzanne EL-Moursi and Alok Nandi

February 28, 2013          

Episode Summary

The IxDA’s sixth annual conference, Interaction13, held in Toronto, Canada, was organized around the theme “Social Innovation with Impact”, celebrating 10 years of the Interaction Design Association.┬áIn this episode of The Digital Life, we conduct a roundtable discussion with the Chair of Interaction13 and the Chair of the upcoming Interaction14. We explore the purposes and outcomes of that conference, and its bold mandate to inspire designers to make an impact, on the social fabric of their communities, organizations, and the whole of society.

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