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The consumerization of enterprise software with Suzanne Livingston

July 22, 2015          

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Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we chat with special guest Suzanne Livingston, senior product manager for IBM’s enterprise social software platform, about the “consumerization” of enterprise software and the bring-your-own-device trend.

This is a unique time for the enterprise, as software eats the world. Product managers need to keep in mind a variety of factors as they consider the ongoing “consumerization” of enterprise software from user experience to security to productivity. How are enterprise software vendors responding to the trend of employees bringing their own mobile devices into the work environment? Has the time come when enterprise software needs to be “mobile first” in its UX strategy? Are successful upstarts like Trello, Box, Slack indicative of the way enterprise software needs to go? We examine all of these questions and more as we consider the the migration of enterprise software to a “consumerized” paradigm.


IBM enterprise social software
Why Software is Eating the World by Marc Andreessen

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Suzanne Livingston

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5 Questions

Making things people want, Not making people want things with Phillip Hunter

April 30, 2013          

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Digital Life , we explore the topic “Making things people want, Not making people want things” — inspired by a blog post by Phillip Hunter, a designer for Microsoft, who joins us for Five Questions. Are people today looking for “a way to reconnect with their values: to ground how they can, will, and should live in the world,” as John Maeda suggests, in a recent article? Or, as Phillip postulates, is this really not such a new thing after all? Have people have always been looking for this manifestation of values? In this podcast episode, we discuss design for values and investigate whether or not there is indeed a new shift toward this way of thinking.

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