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UX for Emerging Tech: Unintended Consequences

October 2, 2014          

Episode Summary

Along with the promise of emerging technologies — such as robotics, genomics, synthetic biology, 3d printing, and the Internet of Things  — comes the very real problem of unintended consequences for people and our environment. While we can’t, in any real sense, truly predict the future, we can see how technologies of the past and present — from industrial factories to automobiles to nuclear weapons — have changed the landscape of our world, perhaps in ways that would have astounded the innovators who made those technologies possible.

In this episode of The Digital Life, we discuss the challenge of unintended consequences inherent in the adoption of emerging technologies and the potential role of user experience in mitigating them.

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The Convergence of Digital and Industrial Design

February 27, 2014          

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we explore the convergence of digital and industrial design with Jenn Webb, editor of O’Reilly Radar and Jon Bruner, co-chair of the Solid Conference.

As emerging technologies — from wearables to the Internet of Things — cause the boundaries between digital and physical interfaces to collapse, this intersection of HCI and ID represents the first step to a multi-disciplinary design future.

Our discussion covers great examples of new products pushing the envelope, the future of product design and the skills that will be required, and what the design firm of the next decade might look like.

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Designing for Emerging Technologies in 2014 and Beyond

December 31, 2013          

Episode Summary

While many end-of-year shows do predictions for the coming year, at The Digital Life, we’re not satisfied with that, because we just can’t contain our excitement over emerging technologies. In this episode, we share our thoughts on technology for 2014 and the decade beyond, covering three areas desperately in need of design help: the Internet of Things, genomics and synthetic biology, and robotics.

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