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Design and UX News: Designing for Ecosystems

November 13, 2014          

Episode Summary

In 1980, Bill Gates famously wanted a computer on every desk and in every home. Now perhaps Microsoft would like a fitness band on every wrist and all your health data in the cloud.

With the release of its Health platform and fitness band into the already crowded fray, Microsoft is(again)staking a claim to your quantified self data, along with competitors Apple and Google. The battle for your body’s health data has just begun.

On another front, the war for your living room is heating up, with Google Play now on Roku and the Amazon Fire TV stick premiering for a mere $19. Perhaps most significantly, even Walmart is getting in the game, with their Vudu spark streaming service.

In this episode of the Digital Life, we discuss the future of design for ecosystems — be it your body, your living room, your car or even your bathroom — as designers begin to consider how digital and physical products come together with the Internet of Things.

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UX for Emerging Tech: Unintended Consequences

October 2, 2014          

Episode Summary

Along with the promise of emerging technologies — such as robotics, genomics, synthetic biology, 3d printing, and the Internet of Things  — comes the very real problem of unintended consequences for people and our environment. While we can’t, in any real sense, truly predict the future, we can see how technologies of the past and present — from industrial factories to automobiles to nuclear weapons — have changed the landscape of our world, perhaps in ways that would have astounded the innovators who made those technologies possible.

In this episode of The Digital Life, we discuss the challenge of unintended consequences inherent in the adoption of emerging technologies and the potential role of user experience in mitigating them.

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Architecture as Interface

April 30, 2014          

Episode Summary

In the next wave of emerging technology, the built environments which define our work, play, and habitation, will be transformed by a connected set of data-­rich elements. More than just a natural outcome of the sensor-laden Internet of Things, this change of the places we inhabit into interconnected, intelligent, and even responsive spaces will impact us in innumerable ways. What kinds of new relationships will we build along with our architecture? In this episode of The Digital Life, we explore that question and others with Erin Rae Hoffer, an industry strategist, business evangelist, and thought leader on new technologies at Autodesk.

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Community and a Sense of Place in Our Digital Lives

January 29, 2014          

Episode Summary

Technology is not an end in and of itself. Our job as designers isn’t about the thing we’re creating, but rather about connecting people to themselves, other people, and the world around them in more meaningful ways. In this episode of the Digital Life, we discuss with Charlie Erdman the trends in digital impacting our sense of community and place. Are we really connecting less? Or just differently — broad, but not deep? How does this new understanding impact our work as digital designers? How does it impact consumers of digital products? Join us as we explore these questions, and consider the concept of making technology and our digital and physical spaces more humane.

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Designing for Emerging Technologies in 2014 and Beyond

December 31, 2013          

Episode Summary

While many end-of-year shows do predictions for the coming year, at The Digital Life, we’re not satisfied with that, because we just can’t contain our excitement over emerging technologies. In this episode, we share our thoughts on technology for 2014 and the decade beyond, covering three areas desperately in need of design help: the Internet of Things, genomics and synthetic biology, and robotics.