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Infusing a Company with Design Culture

September 10, 2015          

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we explore helping companies infuse design and UX strategy into their culture and structure, with special guest, entrepreneur, product designer, and AI expert, Giuseppe Taibi.

Many companies are constructed to do one thing well — efficiently produce their current products or services. But this kind of focus can oftentimes create overwhelming inertia against change and innovation.

Today, there is a significant trend toward companies building their own in house design and UX teams, some of them for the first time. However, introducing user experience and design culture, and making a company more customer-centric in its thinking, is an investment that requires patience and experimentation. It’s a multi-point process that happens over time — requiring buy-in across the organization, from the executive level to the managers to the doers and makers on the front lines. Join us as we discuss some real life scenarios that we’ve encountered introducing design into companies.

Giuseppe Taibi

Bull Session

Apple Misses the Mark

June 11, 2015          

Episode Summary

The latest and greatest from Apple used to be something to celebrate. At their Worldwide Developers Conference this week, the biggest tech company in the world announced its newest efforts to much fanfare and largely came up short. While the Apple Watch and the newly minted Apple Music streaming service have garnered lots of interest from the tech press, these offerings from Cupertino seem like pale shadows, trailing after the company’s previous glory. In this episode of The Digital Life, we comment on Apple’s innovation drought from a design and UX perspective.

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BIF10 in Review

September 25, 2014          

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we discuss the recent BIF10 innovation conference, and some of the notable presentations including: Dan Pink’s new TV show Crowd Source, where social science and design for behavior change meet reality TV, and Rupal Patel’s project at Northeastern University to bring customized speech to the vocally impaired, The Human Voicebank.

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