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Bull Session

Gig Economy Anxiety

December 7, 2018          

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Episode Summary

This week on The Digital Life, we talk about the future of work, the anxiety of the gig economy, and how we might re-imagine digital platforms, inspired by the essay “Do platforms work?” on In the Gig Economy, work is an on-demand affair, driven by the needs of the moment, whether you’re an Uber driver, freelance marketing expert, or contract product designer. The temporary nature of this work — which is arbitrated by software which matches buyers and sellers — puts much power in the hands of the platform owner. For gig workers, earning a living is dependent on demand, reputation, and ultimately, the whims of a digital overlord. But what if there was a way for these workers to own a piece of that all important platform? Join us as we discuss.

Do platforms work?

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Jon Follett

Dirk Knemeyer

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