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Open Humans

October 8, 2015          

Episode Summary

This week on The Digital Life, we chat with Madeleine Price Ball, Co-founder and Principal Investigator of the Public Data Sharing study, about Open Humans, an online platform that enables people to not only connect and participate with research studies but also receive data back from the scientists conducting them.

We explore the origins of the Open Humans project, its revolutionary data sharing model, and how it works for both members and researchers.

Open Humans
The Personal Genome Project
GET Conference

Bull Session

Designing Bio-Inspired Technology

March 5, 2015          

Episode Summary

The age of bio-inspired technology is upon us. Whether it’s DNA as data storage, transparent displays based on mollusk shells, or surveillance robots modeled after swarming bees, the possibilities abound for natural systems to serve as patterns for the products of the future.

In this episode of The Digital Life, we consider the evolution of the designer as technologist and engineer in conjunction with the ever expanding importance of bio-inspired technologies.

5 Questions

Data Crunching the World Cup

August 21, 2014          

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Life, we launch our new weekly format, with founder Dirk Knemeyer’s return to the co-host chair. We also take a little journey into the back story behind the data rich information visualization and long form feature article, “The 10 Best Nations in World Cup History: 77 Teams Over 84 Years”, which is currently running on the Involution Studios Web site. The product of 200 hours of research into the World Cup soccer data, this is a comprehensive view of one of the most important sporting tournaments in the world.

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