Bull Session, It's News To Me

Information Visualization with Brian Staats, Irene Ros and Michael Dila

September 22, 2010          

Episode Summary

The purpose of the show is to provide insight into various topics and areas of interest pertaining to the bleeding edge of the industries behind digital technology. Leveraging our years inside the most important and progressive companies in Silicon Valley, we will provide insights and an interesting and ever-changing array of special guests to entertain you while helping your brain grow bigger.

While we will have a regular publishing schedule starting in October, this – our first episode! – is a dry run to learn the ropes and understand what producing a regular audio show is going to be like.

Each episode we will provide an exhaustive list of links to different things mentioned in the show, to facilitate your finding things we mention later, of following along during the show. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback.